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Standard Blasting price per 5 spoke TUFF wheel $ 50AUD
Standard Blasting price per Z Rim $25AUD
Paint Stripping, difficult wheels (ACS, DBS, Double spoke, ETC... $ ADDITIONAL VARIABLE
All Front wheels - strip and fit new axle $ 25AUD
Alloy Flange rear - strip and fit new axle $ 25AUD
Coaster brake rear - strip and rebuild $ 50AUD
Coaster free wheel conversion - Bendix strip down and rebuild $ 60AUD
Coaster free wheel conversion - Suntour strip down and rebuild $ 70AUD
Steel flange freewheel rear - strip and rebuild $ 60AUD
Cardboard Shipping BOX $ 5AUD
Shipping and Insurnace varies on location $ VARIABLE
Tumble polishing Motomags, Alloy frames or Alloy parts $ VARIABLE
Remove 5 rivets from one hub $ 20AUD
Install 5 rivets into one hub $ 20AUD
  • Spare part prices vary greatly based on "supply & demand" and availability.
  • Extra charges apply for missing or unserviceable parts.
  • Extra charges may apply for painted, stained or strangely "tropical weathered" tuffs
  • Shipping box price is NOT an option if wheels arrive in a lessor grade shipping box or bubble wrap, than is required.
  • Broken or salvagable Tuffs also bought or traded in (if parts are in usable condition)
  • We are an independant repairer. We are not SKYWAY (the makers of Tuff wheels)
  • Shipping address is located in Melbourne Australia

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